Mire Poix

In by Rachel Di

What is an Aromatic? An aromatic is something that can be cooked for a long time and it provides a lot of flavour. Here are common ingredients that are aromatics: Onions Celery Carrots Ginger Mushrooms Bell Pepper What is Mire Poix? Mire Poix is the combination of cooking onions, carrots and celery. You need two parts cooking onions, one part …

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Oven Roasted Tomato Sauce

Forget the stock pot. You don’t need to be stuck in the kitchen while your sauce bubbles and simmers for hours. Make a rich, delicious, oven-roasted tomato sauce with just a loaf pan, your oven and about 10 minutes labour.

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Your New Favourite Mid Week Meal

This is your perfect weekday meal. Hearty, easy, fast. and really healthy. Lots of flexibility in terms of ingredients and absolutely something your kids can make! Pair it with Tea Biscuits and you have a wonderful mid week meal.

Parmesan, Broccoli and Romano Bean Pasta

There are 4 Pillars to a great meal: 1. Taste.2. Protein.3. Fruit or Veg.4. Fibre. But let’s get back to fibre. ​Why is it so important? Fibre is key for maintaining a healthy digestive system, it also lowers cholesterol and helps control blood sugar levels. We need more than you think. Kids need about 15 grams a day, women between …

Turkey Pot Pie: Ultimate Comfort Food

Wrap up your leftover turkey, throw it in the freezer and next time you are in need of comfort food — like turkey pot pie, you’ll be so glad you did.

Best Thermoses And Bags For Back-To-School

 I still love this commercial. I guess you could say, I identify with the dad. Covid-19 has kind of sucked the fun out of back-to-school, no? Well, if your kids ARE going back, they’re still going to need to eat lunch. So I thought I’d I hit up one of my favourite websites (thespruceeats.com) to get the lowdown on the best Thermoses, …

Sneaky Mac ‘N Cheese: Healthy Comfort Food

Mac ‘N Cheese is a classic for good reason: it’s pasta, milk, cheese, some bread crumbs and … more cheese. Well, this recipes turns this classic, into truly healthy comfort food. What’s the secret? Cauliflower rice.

Biscuits go with Everything!

The beauty of biscuits, apart from being buttery, flaky and delicious, is that they’re the gateway to buttermilk doughnuts, scones and making pastry. So if these are your jam, take a few minutes and learn to make biscuits. This recipe can be easily modified to a vegan diet. Just substitute butter for vegan butter and buttermilk for oat, soy or …

Stop Making School Lunches!

The key to making this successful is ensuring your kids know exactly what you expect — how much protein, carb, fruit and veg they need. They also need to be clear on what’s not allowed.