All of our classes, parties and private lessons are virtual. 

Dickie’s Cooking School has one goal: to get you to love your own cooking. Our classes are small and designed to give you individual attention and focus. 

You'll get all of the recipes, instructions and shopping list before the lesson so you have time to plan and shop. If a recipe requires a bit of prep before hand, you'll be given lots of detailed instruction. In addition to a complete recipe book, you'll also be given resources and video links. 

What To Expect

Expect to cook! We fill those two hours with cooking and prep. Start each class with your cutting board out, your knife sharpened and a good appetite. 

Virtual Classes

We have great virtual courses to keep us healthy, engaged and learning.  Classes are open to all ages. However, if you are registering for a child and are not sure of their skill level, please make sure there is an adult or responsible teen handy to provide assistance if needed. 

Thursday Supper Club: June Edition
Mediterranean Diet

Pictures of chicken, veg, fish, fruit


Thursdays: June 3 - Jun3 24
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Voted the best overall diet for four years running, the Mediterranean Diet is rich in fibre, loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy fats like Greek Yogurt and olive oil. No food is "off the table", but you consume fish and chicken weekly and red meat monthly. Wine pairing suggested for each class.