Make Better, Healthier Meals FASTER

Plan your meals for the week. Have fun, learn a new recipe and save time! For more information, click here.

Standard practice for time management is to complete like tasks in batches. So if you are writing blogs, social media posts or editing photographs, the idea is you lay the groundwork and tackle a bunch all at once.

Same principles can be applied to cooking. If you are making tomato sauce, stock or soup, make lots and then parcel it up and save it for later. Okay, well those are easy and probably obvious examples. What if you looked at your weekly meals with an eye toward, how could this do double duty for another meal or lunch?

Below you’ll find a sample menu plan for three meals: one with chicken, one with beef and one vegetarian. Also, here is a list of pantry items that will take the stress out of meal planning.

  1. Good vegetable, chicken or beef stock should always be on hand. Whether it’s liquid, boullion or homemade, you are going to need this.
  2. Cabbage. It’s fridge life is leagues ahead of lettuce and it has lots of fibre and holds up well to dressing.
  3. Pulses: have chickpeas and lentils and beans on hand canned or dry. They are packed with protein ad fibre and add texture and flavour to salads and soups.
  4. Get nutty. Obviously you can’t send them in your kids’ lunches, but they are a perfect little protein hit and add texture and flavour to your salads.
  5. Paremsan Cheese it has a long fridge life and is an excellent addition to pasta (naturally) but also salads and sandwiches.