Best Thermoses And Bags For Back-To-School

Still makes me laugh.

 I still love this commercial. I guess you could say, I identify with the dad. Covid-19 has kind of sucked the fun out of back-to-school, no?

Well, if your kids ARE going back, they’re still going to need to eat lunch. So I thought I’d I hit up one of my favourite websites ( to get the lowdown on the best Thermoses, Bento Boxes and Lunch Bags for 2020.

Here they are:


Thermos Funtainer is the best overall Thermos.

Themos King Food Jar was ranked the best thermos for soups.

Lunch boxes:

Bentgo Bento Styled Kids Leak-proof lunch box was ranked the best kids lunch box.

Omiebox was ranked the best lunch box for warm foods.

Lunch bags:

Rubbermaid LunchBlox Small Lunch Bag was ranked the best lunch bag for elementary grades.

Packit Freezable Classic Lunch Box — put this bag in the freezer over night and it will keep your lunch nice and cold all day.

Looking for some lunch inspiration? Whether your kids are going to school in person or staying home I hope you have an easy transition and you enjoy the last few weeks of summer!