Fresh Spring Rolls

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When it comes to entertaining, it’s essential to land on an item that can feed lots of different palates with not lots of extra work. Enter, the fresh spring roll. It’s gluten free. It can be easily modified for vegans or carnivores. It’s pretty and your kids can help you make them. Versatile, fresh, healthy and no need to turn …

Grab Your Shaker, Patio Season is HERE!

There is just something about a summer cocktail. Maybe it’s because we have long winters and short summers. Maybe it’s because there is so much delicious fresh fruit…which goes so well with cocktails. Or maybe it’s because the teachers are about to pass back the baton and our kids are about to tell us how BORED they are for the …

Squash Your Hunger

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Full disclosure. The last time I ate spaghetti squash with gusto coincided with Norwalk Virus blowing through our house. That was 15 years ago and yes, it has taken that long for me to get over it. And I am so glad I did! Like most squash, spaghetti squash is super easy to cook and versatile and has the added …

I Dare You to Make this Bread!

I always do a quintuple version of this recipe so I can have bread for days and days. You can also use it for pizza dough. For best results, roll it thin straight from the fridge and bake it at 450 degrees directly on top of a preheated pizza stone. Bakes in 4-8 minutes.