Best Thermoses And Bags For Back-To-School

 I still love this commercial. I guess you could say, I identify with the dad. Covid-19 has kind of sucked the fun out of back-to-school, no? Well, if your kids ARE going back, they’re still going to need to eat lunch. So I thought I’d I hit up one of my favourite websites ( to get the lowdown on the best Thermoses, …

Sneaky Mac ‘N Cheese: Healthy Comfort Food

Mac ‘N Cheese is a classic for good reason: it’s pasta, milk, cheese, some bread crumbs and … more cheese. Well, this recipes turns this classic, into truly healthy comfort food. What’s the secret? Cauliflower rice.

The Mangoes are Coming!

Ataulfo mangoes are super versatile and go well with either sweet or savory dishes. They’re an excellent addition to a fruit, black bean or chicken salad and make incredible smoothies (try mango and avocado). They freeze really well too.

Pumpkin or Apple Pie?

People are SCARED to make pastry. I grew up in a house where pies were a staple of Sunday dinner and making pastry to my mom was a nothingburger. And I get that that kind of modeling goes a long way to dispel fears.

Cake Making Made Easy

When my daughter was 4, she wanted a surprise birthday party. So, my husband took her on an errand and in that 45 minutes, we got the guests in the house and I decorated my daughter’s cake. One of the moms looked at it and said, “You are so lucky you are not a Type A Personality like me, I’d never be able to serve that.”

Biscuits go with Everything!

The beauty of biscuits, apart from being buttery, flaky and delicious, is that they’re the gateway to buttermilk doughnuts, scones and making pastry. So if these are your jam, take a few minutes and learn to make biscuits. This recipe can be easily modified to a vegan diet. Just substitute butter for vegan butter and buttermilk for oat, soy or …

Great Vegan Recipes are a Click Away

I have been trying to commit the family to Meatless Monday dinners for the past few months. I wouldn’t say it is a struggle, but I also wouldn’t say everyone is 100% on board to plant-based proteins. We’re creatures of habit. And our habits, or go-tos, are beef, chicken or fish with a veg and a starch most meals. It’s …

Stop Making School Lunches!

The key to making this successful is ensuring your kids know exactly what you expect — how much protein, carb, fruit and veg they need. They also need to be clear on what’s not allowed.

Cooking Classes for EVERYONE

Independence. We want our loved ones to be able to take care of themselves. This is something all parents want and it is no easy feat. We are thrilled to announce we are offering classes now specifically for young adults with Down Syndrome, Mild Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder. In the last two months we’ve had the pleasure of …

30 Minute Meal: Soups ON

Want a healthy, fast meal that is highly adaptable? I mean, really, who DOESN’T…right? Soup checks all the boxes: it’s fast, healthy, delicious, adaptable and can often be made with standard pantry items. You (or your kids) can master this 30 minute meal. It has white beans to give it some fibre, balance the acid in the tomatoes and give …