Cake Making Made Easy

My daughter and I made this vanilla, almond caramel buttercream for my birthday. I made a crumble topping with icing sugar, milk powder, maple sugar and instant coffee.

When my daughter was 4, she wanted a surprise birthday party. So, my husband took her on an errand and in that 45 minutes, we got the guests in the house and I decorated my daughter’s cake. One of the moms looked at it and said, “You are so lucky you are not a Type A Personality like me, I’d never be able to serve that.”

We can talk about what it’s like to be forced to socialize with other parents another time. But that comment, cemented my fear of making cakes. I coudn’t make them and they always looked like sh*t.

Fast forward 10 years, I have this cooking school and we host birthday parties regularly and cake making is no longer something I fear. Necessity is cool that way.

Turns out, a good recipe, reasonable pan and limited distractions make it really quite easy. I’m not a killer decorater — truth is I don’t care that much, but I definitely know my way around a buttercream and cake.

Baking your own cake is satisfying, straight forward and once you have the basics down, you can modify and experiment with flavour and texture and truly make it your own. Also, so much better than a store bought cake and so much cheaper than a bakery treasure.

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Make your own layer cake and take it home in a pastry box. Very profesh. Click here for all the details.