Top 10 Tips for Making Candy at Home

If you’ve ever considered making your own chocolates or candies, but put it off because you assumed it was too hard or complicated, I’m here to tell you it is neither.

Quick, Vegan Chili

In keeping with the theme of more legumes, less meat, I bring you an easy, tasty vegan chili recipe you can knock off in 30 minutes (no fooling).

It’s Official: Eat More Plants and Less Meat

The 2019 edition of the Canada Food Guide was released today and the key takeaways are more plants, more plant based protein, more water and less meat and dairy. The Food Guide specifically recommends more water, more plant-based proteins and less meat and saturated fats and less juice. Struggling to think of how to incorporate this into your rotation? Take …

Peas Porridge HOT

Split Pea Soup is hearty, healthy and can be made quickly. It’s versatile too! A great vegan dish, you could also easily make it carnivore friendly by adding bacon, smoked ham, pancetta or crispy fried prosciutto. Split peas have 26 grams of fibre per half cup and 25 grams of protein.

get your sh*t TOGETHER!

Ah January. The party’s over, right? Time to curb the tree, put away the decorations and get serious about all those good intentions to eat healthier. But how about we resist the urge to write up a list of things we WON’T eat and replace it with a list of things we will. Now, put fibre at the top of …

Top Ten Pantry Items

Happy almost New Year! Are you are like me? Have you vowed to absolutely, positively stop counter grazing and eating chocolates, or turkey and stuffing or shortbread every time you pass through the kitchen? If you want to shift to a little more healthful eating, the best place to start is your pantry. A well stocked pantry gives you options …

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Delicious, Healthy, Versatile Granola

Looking for a fun cooking activity that is healthy, easy and versatile? Well look no further than granola. It’s not complicated, you can tailor it exactly to your tastes, it has a long shelf life and you will save so much money by making your own. It’s the perfect cooking activity for kids too. They can help chop up the …

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Cook your own Chewy, Yummy, Squishy Marshmallows

  It’s that time of year again and baking and making treats tops many of our to do lists. The challenge, if you have kids, is to come up with recipes that they can help with and don’t take too long. I think marshmallows checks both these boxes. If you’ve never made candy before (or used a candy thermometre) don’t …