10 Hacks to Reduce Lunch Bag Let Down

Who loves making lunches? Anyone? Anyone out there? I grew up in a big family. Huge really by today’s standards. Five sisters and three brothers. I remember my mom filling the top of the dishwasher (portable kind) with slices of bread and just filling them with cheese slices. Gross. You bet! Did I eat them? Not a chance.

Let’s recap, making lunches is time consuming and worse than that, sometimes futile. Let’s shift it.

  1. You gotta get your kids involved. If they have a say, and a role they’ll be more vested in what they make. There is a task they can do at any age: wash the fruit, grab the containers, chop carrots or even just shop with you to help pick out something.
  2. Batch prep your lunches on Sundays! Grab a big plastic bin that can fit in the fridge: fill it with chopped carrots, hard boiled eggs, celery and washed berries. But only fill it with stuff you or your kids will definitely eat. It will make that Monday morning grab fast and easy.
  3. When you make dinner (or get take out) think in terms of good left overs for lunches. Roasted chicken can be tossed into a salad. Same goes for steak or salmon.
  4. Does the school or work have a microwave? If it does, you are in luck! Grab those leftovers and have a great hot lunch.
  5. Dip in! Hummus, tzatziki and yogurt dip are great for fruit.
  6. Balance it: make sure there protein, fruit and veg and a carb.
  7. Don’t forget about dried fruits, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. They are a great snack, fast to pack are pretty healthy.
  8. Keep your knees bent. This week’s win could easily be next weeks loss. Some kids (and adults) will happily eat the same thing while others need to change it up. Try to go with flow.
  9. When your kids are old enough, let them do it! They can peel carrots, grab fruit and put together a healthy sandwich or salad. Give them direction and guidelines and let them take it from there. Of course check their backpacks for moldy sandwiches too.
  10. Make lunches you want to eat! There is zero point in packing something you or your kids hate that is destined for the garbage. The goal is to get some nourishment and enjoy it!

Hope this helps! Enjoy the sun and the birds. The ice is melting!


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