Pumpkin or Apple Pie?

People are SCARED to make pastry. I grew up in a house where pies were a staple of Sunday dinner and making pastry to my mom was a nothingburger. And I get that that kind of modeling goes a long way to dispel fears.

Cake Making Made Easy

When my daughter was 4, she wanted a surprise birthday party. So, my husband took her on an errand and in that 45 minutes, we got the guests in the house and I decorated my daughter’s cake. One of the moms looked at it and said, “You are so lucky you are not a Type A Personality like me, I’d never be able to serve that.”

Fresh, Frosty Popsicles

When I was a kid, Popsicle Peet was my hero and Fudgicles, Creamsicles and Lime Popsicles were my jam. Actually, they still are. There are loads of really tasty, low sugar and healthy popsicles you can buy, but they are SO easy to make, why not give them a whirl. You need a blender, a Popsicle mold (or big ice …

Top 10 Tips for Making Candy at Home

If you’ve ever considered making your own chocolates or candies, but put it off because you assumed it was too hard or complicated, I’m here to tell you it is neither.