Now is the perfect time to take online cooking classes!

We have online cooking classes! Are you homeschooling, or in a Covid-19 Pod? We have daytime, live cooking classes.
We'll cook a complete meal and light dessert AND I'll give supplemental materials that are tied to the Ontario Curriculum.

We know things are different.

Covid-19 has changed everything from how we get groceries to where we work. The trick is to balance being safe and returning to normal.

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Recipes are sent a week in advance so you have time to get ingredients. You also get a full list of tools required. 

Don’t fret! You’ll need everyday kitchen utensils: bowls, pot, frying pan and ingredients that you’d find in most supermarkets.  

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Cooking is so MUCH fun! It’s endlessly creative and immediately gratifying — especially when you learn to make what you like to eat. 

Our approach is friendly, laid-back and inclusive. 

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I am a former teacher with the TDSB, and am familiar with Ontario Curriculum expectations. So as a bonus, your child will get additional exercises in line with the Ontario Curriculum.  

Add a Fun, structured Block to your Child's Week!

 We have classes for 3 age groups: 

  • Grades 1-3 
  • Grades 4-6
  • Grades 7 and Up

Classes run in four week blocks and students get a cookbook with additional recipes, plus access to a library of cooking videos. If you want to group a single, private virtual lesson for your Pandemic Pod, you can do that too!
Lisa Dickie, owner of Dickie's Cooking School teaches in-person and online cooking classes for everyone ages 4 and up

Hi there.

I am a professional cook and have dedicated years to cooking for my friends, family and freelance catering. 

I am also a teacher. I have been a tutor, taught ESL, been a Special Education Teacher for the TDSB.

I opened Dickie’s Cooking School, January 2018, and since then have taught hundreds of cooking classes, camps, workshops and private lessons. 

I believe anyone can learn to cook and everyone SHOULD know how to make dishes they love to eat. 

Isn't it time your kids cooked dinner for you?

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