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Learn To Cook

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This is a fun, interactive introduction to cooking and baking. Every class starts with a light snack and then we’ll move on over to cooking dinner and baking something yummy. We’ll work on knife skills, measuring, prepping, planning and sequencing. Participants will be introduced to a variety of cuisines, spices and flavours. Ages 7-11.

Stop Making School Lunches!

The key to making this successful is ensuring your kids know exactly what you expect — how much protein, carb, fruit and veg they need. They also need to be clear on what’s not allowed.

10 Hacks to Reduce Lunch Bag Let Down

Who loves making lunches? Anyone? Anyone out there? I grew up in a big family. Huge really by today’s standards. Five sisters and three brothers. I remember my mom filling the top of the dishwasher (portable kind) with slices of bread and just filling them with cheese slices. Gross. You bet! Did I eat them? Not a chance.