Time is the Mother of Cooking Innovations

Necessity is the mother of invention and there is no better place to apply this than the kitchen. Vegan burgers, soy milk and cashew cream are great examples of this. (Not so subtle hint: I’m running a vegan cooking class tomorrow night.) Invention is also inspired by gaps in equipment and time. Rule of thumb says we make pasta by …

Quick, Vegan Chili

In keeping with the theme of more legumes, less meat, I bring you an easy, tasty vegan chili recipe you can knock off in 30 minutes (no fooling).

Peas Porridge HOT

Split Pea Soup is hearty, healthy and can be made quickly. It’s versatile too! A great vegan dish, you could also easily make it carnivore friendly by adding bacon, smoked ham, pancetta or crispy fried prosciutto. Split peas have 26 grams of fibre per half cup and 25 grams of protein.