Biscuits go with Everything!

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Did you know we learn to make things like biscuits, pastry and no knead bread at PA Day Camps? Next one is October 11. Click here to book.

The beauty of biscuits, apart from being buttery, flaky and delicious, is that they’re the gateway to buttermilk doughnuts, scones and making pastry. So if these are your jam, take a few minutes and learn to make biscuits.

What’s better than soup and hot, fresh biscuits? Maybe doughnuts?

This recipe can be easily modified to a vegan diet. Just substitute butter for vegan butter and buttermilk for oat, soy or almond milk. The key is the temperature. Your fat (butter/vegan butter) has to be cold. Frozen is best. And if not frozen, cold from the fridge will do.

All you need is a couple of bowls, a whisk, a grater, a spatula and a cookie cutter (or glass). They are the perfect side to soup or stew.

Fresh biscuits can be yours in under 30 minutes.
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Biscuits go with Everything!

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