The Mangoes are Coming!

Ataulfo mangoes are super versatile and go well with either sweet or savory dishes. They’re an excellent addition to a fruit, black bean or chicken salad and make incredible smoothies (try mango and avocado). They freeze really well too.

Great Vegan Recipes are a Click Away

I have been trying to commit the family to Meatless Monday dinners for the past few months. I wouldn’t say it is a struggle, but I also wouldn’t say everyone is 100% on board to plant-based proteins. We’re creatures of habit. And our habits, or go-tos, are beef, chicken or fish with a veg and a starch most meals. It’s …

30 Minute Meal: Soups ON

Want a healthy, fast meal that is highly adaptable? I mean, really, who DOESN’T…right? Soup checks all the boxes: it’s fast, healthy, delicious, adaptable and can often be made with standard pantry items. You (or your kids) can master this 30 minute meal. It has white beans to give it some fibre, balance the acid in the tomatoes and give …

How Can a Vegan Diet Save Our Environment?

Canada’s Food Guide absolutely offers a healthier template to build our meals around. And by emphasizing including more plant-based proteins (vegan), it has introduced a healthier diet for Canadians and our environment.