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On Your Mark, Set, Go! Hearty Tomato Bean Soup in 20 Flat!

The key to whiping up a fast soup is having dry good on hand and stocked. If you have these items, dinner will always be 15-20 minutes away for you:

-stock (chicken, beef or vegetable) in liquid form or bouillon
-canned tomatoes or homemade or jarred tomato sauce
-canned chickpeas, white kidney beans or lentils
-garlic – fresh, minced in oil or dried
-greens: spinach, kale or collard greens (fresh or frozen)
-olive oil

Behind Every Great Soup

Hey there, The leaves are falling, the days are shorter and it’s getting colder. That means, “Soup Season.” And behind every great soup is, great broth. A trip to a grocery store will give you lots of options for broth: dehydrated cubes or powders or cartons of chicken, vegetable or beef stock. These are all fine, they work and I …