Live Zoom Workshops

Cook in the comfort of your own home! You'll get the shopping list ahead of time and a list of any kitchen utensils you'll need. You'll also be given a list of substitutions. Classes are fun, interactive and you can cook in your jammies. All January Zoom classes are FREE!!

Thursday FREE Classes

Cure your Covid Lockdown Blues with Fun Cooking Classes. 

Easter Egg Virtual Workshop



Saturday, April 3
2 pm - 4 pm 

Make your own Easter Chocolates! Fill them with buttercream (just like a Cadbury Easter Cream Egg) and peanut butter eggs. We'll learn how to use (and calibrate) a candy thermometer and melt chocolate. We'll decorate them with royal icing. Open to all ages, but a teen or responsible adult should be on hand for younger participants. 

Pan Pasta

Bowl of Singapore Noodles


Wednesday, April 7
4:30 pm - 5:15 pm 

Join our FREE LIVE ZOOM cooking class. We'll make delicious pasta RIGHT IN THE FRYING PAN. You can make this a vegan/vegetarian/meat lovers meal and you'll get loads of options to customize. This is open to all ages, but kids have to be accompanied by an adult or a responsible teen. If you just want to watch and cook it later, that is AOK too.

Macaron Workshop



Saturday, May 8
12 pm - 3 pm 

Just in time for Mother's Day! Learn to make pillowy soft macarons, ganache and French Buttercream. We'll break down the steps on how to tackle these finicky, delicious treats.