Hands-On Cooking and Baking Excursions

Give your students a unique opportunity to develop cooking, baking and life skills -- and have some fun.

Neuro-divergent young adult preparing food
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Lisa Dickie

Are you a teacher looking to help your students learn cooking, baking, healthy meal planning and life skills?  

My name is Lisa Dickie. I am a former Special Education Teacher with the TDSB and now I am the owner of Dickie’s Cooking School.

In the past 6 years I have taught hundreds of children, teens, adults and neuro-diverse people – from all ages, skill level and experience – how to cook food they love to eat.

I have designed cooking programs for teens and adults at CAMH, Community Living Toronto, Holland Bloorview and the Down Syndrome Association of Toronto. I have taught cooking classes in TDSB and TCSB and have hosted TDSB classes in my school for cooking and baking workshops.

I am familiar with the Ontario curriculum and can tie activites to specific curriculum goals, offer supplemental materials and cater the menu/baking to accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies. 

Whether you want to make a group meal, bake multiple batches of cookies or cakes for a school bake sale, or you have something else in mind, I'll have you stocked with food and packaging so all you have to do is show up, learn a tonne and have fun. 



3 Hour Class (baking or cooking) for up to 12 students. 

Birds eye view of cooking vegetables in a skillet

Services I offer:

Know exactly what groceries to get for the week.

Grocery shopping can be overwhelming! You’ll learn how to plan your meals, make a grocery list, and grab what you need with ease. Plus, you’ll also have everything you need for the week!

Know how to choose the freshest products.

You’ll learn how to choose the FRESHEST produce and some tricks to keep it fresher longer.

Understand what goes into a healthy meal.

You’ll develop a basic sense of nutrition. You’ll understand why you need protein and fiber, how much fruit and vegetables you need to eat and how to prepare healthy and balanced meals.

Know how to keep your kitchen clean and safe.

You’ll know how to handle raw meat safely and learn how to clean all your surfaces for a safe and healthy kitchen.

Develop knife skills and learn how to chop like a pro!

A knife is an essential kitchen tool and learning how to use a knife properly makes cooking so much faster and more enjoyable. You’ll learn the best way to chop everything from onions and potatoes to even carving a roasted chicken.

Know how to use leftovers.

Not only will you learn how to cook loads of amazing meals, but you’ll also learn how to use leftovers so you can save time and not waste food. You’ll also learn when it is time to put leftovers in the compost.

Understand the basics of baking.

You’ll come to understand how to handle batter and dough depending on what you are baking and learn to bake your own amazing biscuits, muffins, cakes, and cookies.

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"Kathleen has developed knowledge, skills and confidence around nutrition, safe food handling, following recipes and food preparation, all while making unique and delicious meals that we get to taste. The secret ingredient in all this is Lisa. Her warmth and caring creates a very positive atmosphere and her sense of humor always makes the classes fun. I would highly recommend Dickies Cooking School."
Sally, Parent


3 Hour Class (baking or cooking) for up to 12 students. 

Dickie's Cooking School is the perfect excursion for you and your students, in addition to exceptional hands on instruction, I offer: 

  • I am experienced in accommodating food sensitivities, allergies and dietary restrictions and allergies (Halal, Kosher, gluten free, vegan, etc)
  • large chalkboard to post recipes and steps so that they are highly visible for students
  • stools and comfort maps at prep tables 
  • recipes printed with words and pictures for students
  • rocker knives, safety knives and left-handed knives for students to use to accommodate fine motor impairments
  • left-handed knives
  • school is on street level with just 3 steps to entrance
  • school is accessible by subway and has ample street and public parking
Safety Precautions
  • portable induction cooktops that turn off automatically when a pan is lifted
  • butcher knives and paring knives are separate from main kitchen
  • Food Handler's Certificate: all food is prepared in accordance to Ontario Food Safety Standards 

"Gus has gained so much confidence in the kitchen since cooking with Lisa. He enjoys cooking and baking. He has learned more than cooking. He has learned to plan a meal, determine what ingredients are needed, how much of the ingredients are needed and of course to make healthy choices. The food that he has learned to cook is delicious and healthy. I cannot thank Lisa enough for running this program!"

Frances, Guardian


3 Hour Class (baking or cooking) for up to 12 students. 

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