Top 10 Tips for Making Candy at Home

If you’ve ever considered making your own chocolates or candies, but put it off because you assumed it was too hard or complicated, I’m here to tell you it is neither.

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Cook your own Chewy, Yummy, Squishy Marshmallows

  It’s that time of year again and baking and making treats tops many of our to do lists. The challenge, if you have kids, is to come up with recipes that they can help with and don’t take too long. I think marshmallows checks both these boxes. If you’ve never made candy before (or used a candy thermometre) don’t …

Candied Orange Peels

Candied Orange Peels are one of my favourite sweet snacks to make because, well, I love them and they are so versatile. They are great on their own, dipped in dark chocolate, as an add-on to a dessert and as a garnish for an Old Fashioned (orange and bourbon are delicious together). Choosing Oranges: Candied orange peels are best made …