Don’t Sweat It! Kid-Friendly Electrolyte Recipes

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Homemade electrolyte drinks are easy, kid-friendly recipes.
Skip the Gatorade (and all the dye, sugar and plastic) and make your own delicious electrolyte drinks.

When it is this hot and humid, it’s essential to stay hydrated. Go-to drinks like juice, pop and Gatorade are loaded with so much sugar and high fructose corn syrup…consider this easy, kid-friendly homemade electrolyte recipe.

Electrolyte drinks are super easy to make, low in sugar and you aren’t adding any more single-use plastic to landfills or garbage barges.

Sounds great, but what are they? Electrolytes are chemicals that conduct electricity when mixed with water. They regulate the flow of water in our cells and spark nerve impulses., does a great job explaining why we need them here. A simple drink combines water, some flavouring and a little bit of sea salt. Make your own, homemade electrolyte drink, or better yet, get your kids to make them. They are dead-easy, require no special equpment or ingredients. These kid-friendly recipes can be knocked off in under 5 minutes.

When it’s super hot and muggy and you’re sweaty, you need to make sure you replenish your bodies fluids. Water is an excellent go to, but if you are super active (and super sweaty), you are sweating out salt and this needs to be replenished to nourish our cells and keep us hydrated.

Want another kid-friendly recipe for your kids? How about homemade popsicles.

Make homemade electrolyte drinks at home with common pantry items. They are the perfect kid-friendly recipe for your kids.
You have endless choice when it comes to flavour. Add fresh herbs and ginger.
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Electroyte Drinks
Make your own electrolyte drinks at home. They use common pantry items and are low in sugar and require no single-use plastic..
  1. Combine all the ingredients and serve. So easy and fast.

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