Does making dinner fill
you with dread?

Go from frozen dinners and take-out to preparing healthy delicious meals you can't wait to eat!

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Lisa Dickie

Are you SO bored with your dinner options?

Hi, my name is Lisa Dickie, and I am the owner of Dickie's Cooking School. Over the past five years I have taught over a thousand people how to be more comfortable in the kitchen and to cook meals they LOVE to eat.

You want to learn how to shop, budget and cook and bake for yourself, BUT, you have no idea where to begin? I can teach you to confidently prepare delicious meals on your own.

I am so thrilled to welcome you to a membership site that will not only teach you the basics, but expose you to a variety of cuisines and techniques, teach you how to shop and meal plan and learn how to bake. 

Lisa Dickie

Lisa Dickie
Founder, Dickie's Cooking School




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Join, you will …

Know exactly what groceries to get for the week.

Grocery shopping can be overwhelming! You’ll learn how to plan your meals, make a grocery list, and grab what you need. Plus, you’ll also have everything you need for the week!

Know how to choose the freshest products.

You’ll learn how to choose the FRESHEST produce and some tricks to keep it fresher longer.

Understand what goes into a healthy meal.

You’ll develop a basic sense of nutrition. You’ll understand why you need protein and fiber, how much fruit and vegetables you need to eat and how to prepare healthy and balanced meals.

Know how to keep your kitchen clean and safe.

You’ll know how to handle raw meat safely and learn how to clean all your surfaces for a safe and healthy kitchen.

Develop knife skills and learn how to chop like a pro!

A knife is an essential kitchen tool and learning how to use a knife properly makes cooking so much faster and more enjoyable. You’ll learn the best way to chop everything from onions and potatoes to even carving a roasted chicken.

Know how to use leftovers.

Not only will you learn how to cook loads of amazing meals, but you’ll also learn how to use leftovers so you can save time and not waste food. You’ll also learn when it is time to put leftovers in the compost.

Understand the basics of baking.

You’ll come to understand how to handle batter and dough depending on what you are baking and learn to bake your own amazing biscuits, muffins, cakes, and cookies.

Shop with Confidence

No more wandering through the supermarket, grabbing random items. No more heading straight to the frozen pizza. You’ll know what items you use the most every week, how to plan your menus and groceries each week, how to buy the freshest produce and how to check for best before dates.


Not only will you learn to cook delicious healthy meals, you’ll also learn invaluable tricks to save money at the grocery store. You’ll learn how to pick the best produce and how to store it, so it lasts longer. You’ll also learn how to use leftovers, when to freeze and how to minimize food waste.

Private Facebook Group

You’ll get exclusive access to our private Facebook Group. There will be weekly bonus cooking lessons, discussion groups and you’ll have access to additional cooking resources and tips.

I'm Learning to Cook, Dammit! Membership

is PERFECT for you if…

  1. You are tired of eating frozen dinners over and over again.
  2. You want to learn more about nutrition and eating healthy, balanced meals.
  3. You want to learn to cook meals you LOVE to eat.
  4. You are overwhelmed about making a grocery list, planning a budget and shopping and want help with that.
  5. You have no clue how to tell when food is bad and it is time to throw it out.
  6. You are ready to start cooking and shopping for yourself.
  7. You are ready to be more independent and confident in the kitchen.