Virtual Cooking Course: How to Eat Healthy for CHEAP!

Young woman in striped shirt and pony tail is shocked at her grocery bill

Are you struggling to come up with healthy options without breaking the bank?

My name is Lisa Dickie and I'm the owner of Dickie's Cooking School. I have years of experience cooking, catering and teaching cooking. 

I also know what it's like to try to prepare meals on a TIGHT budget. I have loads of hacks and tricks and recipes to help you get really nutritious meals that are also delicious and inexpensive.

I can teach you how to comparison shop, how to pick the freshest produce and countless ways to save so you aren't just living off Ramen noodles (been there, believe me).

This course gives you over 25 meals with complete video instruction, shopping lists and meal plans, handy guides on how to meal prep, freeze, defrost and store your food so you get the most bang for your buck. 

Lisa Dickie

This course will teach you to: 

Know exactly what groceries to get for the week.

Grocery shopping can be overwhelming! You’ll learn how to plan your meals, make a grocery list, and grab what you need with ease. Plus, you’ll also have everything you need for the week!

Know how to choose the freshest products.

You’ll learn how to choose the FRESHEST produce, how to store it so it lasts longer and when it makes sense to choose frozen.

Understand what goes into a healthy meal.

You’ll develop a basic sense of nutrition. You’ll understand why you need protein and fiber, how much fruit and vegetables you need to eat and how to prepare healthy and balanced meals.

Develop knife skills and learn how to chop like a pro!

A knife is an essential kitchen tool and learning how to use a knife properly makes cooking so much faster and more enjoyable. You’ll learn the best way to chop everything from onions and potatoes to even carving a roasted chicken.

Know how to use leftovers.

Not only will you learn how to cook loads of amazing meals, but you’ll also learn how to use leftovers so you can save time and not waste food. You’ll also learn when it is time to put leftovers in the compost.

Know how to keep your kitchen clean and safe.

You’ll know how to handle raw meat safely and learn how to clean all your surfaces for a safe and healthy kitchen.

Help your students and staff learn
How to Eat Healthy for CHEAP!

License this course for everyone on campus for pennies per student. 
Tiered Pricing:
0 - 6,000 users: $1,500
6001- 20,000 users: $2500
20,001- 35,000 users: $5,000
35,001 + users:  $8,000