I Don’t Have All Day

I have wanted to work full time with food for a really, really long time. The only avenues that made sense to me were the obvious: catering, a small bakery/cafe/diner or a food truck. And for all the sane, boring reasons, none of these felt like a great fit for me or my family. So, I shelved it (sort of) and limited it to late night day dreaming. In the meantime, I worked on another business (Coy Depot) where I silk screened t-shirts, aprons, napkins, pillows and tea towels for 7 years.

The silk screening took its toll. I turned 50. And then my sweet mom passed away at 94. I realized, I can’t silk screen much longer without permanently wrecking my shoulder and  I sure don’t have all day. I am thrilled to have my own sweet space, in my own sweet hood to do what I truly truly love.

I’m launching with a Free Food Day on December 17. Come on by, try a sample or five and check it all out.