Grab Your Shaker, Patio Season is HERE!

There is just something about a summer cocktail. Maybe it’s because we have long winters and short summers. Maybe it’s because there is so much delicious fresh fruit…which goes so well with cocktails. Or maybe it’s because the teachers are about to pass back the baton and our kids are about to tell us how BORED they are for the next 3 months.

Whatever your motivation, I have some tips to make some delicious summer cocktails.

Your standard cocktail ratio is 2 parts spirits/alcohol to one part sweetener and one part intense flavour — like a tart citrus juice.

So many options

  1. The alcohol. Gin, Vodka and Tequila and White rum are excellent summer cocktail choices. They pair really well with tart citrus flavours. And bourbon…well that’s just a year round drink for me.
  2. The sweetener. To make a simple syrup is…well, simple. It’s equal parts sugar and water. Just mix regular granulated sugar with boiling water. Stir to make sure the sugar dissolves. If you want to infuse it with flavour, simmer in on the stove top with your favourite herbs: rosemary, mint, cilantro, thyme, ginger and cardamon pods are just a few examples of what you can add to your syrup.
  3. Intense Flavour. You have so many choices for flavourful, intense fruit: lime, grapefruit, pineapple, lemon and oranges. Favourites in this category are Minneola oranges (really tangy and flavourful and the skin is a great garnish and Meyers lemons — they are tart and smooth). Pomegranate juice and unsweetened cranberry are also great. You could also try a super flavourful liqueur like Cassis or sour apple or pomegranate liqueur.
  4. The foam. Frothed egg white creates this beautiful finish to a cocktail. You can drizzle alcohol on it or garnish with fruit syrup. It looks pretty and gives really beautiful body to a cocktail. To get the best foam, froth your egg white until its foamy. Pour it into a shaker with your alcohol, citrus and simple syrup. Shake vigorously. Then add a bunch ice. Really shake it again. When you pour it out, you’ll have great foam. If you’re vegan or the idea of raw egg whites grosses you out, make aquafaba. this is the goop that is strained from a can of chickpeas. Beat it with a whisk or with electric beaters, add some lime or lemon juice and a titch of simple syrup.
  5. The add-ons. You have so many choices when it comes to finishing off your cocktail. Whether it’s fruit peel garnishes, flavoured syrups and bitters, you have so many choices to make it super tasty and beautiful.

Whatever you do this summer, I hope you squeeze in some fun, some down time and get a chance to enjoy yourself.