Celebrate Your team with a virtual party.

Your guests will receive a gift box including ingredients for a delicious seasonal cocktail, appetizers, and main course. Want to make it extra special? We will source that perfect something: bottle of wine, artisanal chocolates or cutting board to include in your pack.

Now is the perfect time to celebrate with your team and show them you appreciate how hard they've worked.

Can we all just agree that 2020 has been one heck of a year? We have converted our homes into offices and schools, mastered mask chic and made sense of regularly shifting schedules and protocols.

We've done all of this without our regular outlets to alleviate stress: the gym, restaurants and most importantly, getting together with friends and families.
Let's re-think how to make the holiday party special, memorable and FUN.

We can plan your virtual holiday party. We'll design the menu, pack and prep all of the ingredients and have them shipped directly to your teams' homes.

Want something extra special? We can source wine, cheese, chocolates and include them in the pack.

Everyone can "meet" on zoom, and we'll make cocktails, appetizers and a gourmet meal together...at home.

corporate virtual Party kits

Celebrate your team with beautifully curated meal kits. We’ll tailor the menu to your team and make accommodations for any food allergies and sensitivities. We’ll pack absolutely everything you need for the evening: cocktails and mix, wine, appetizers and all the ingredients to make a gourmet meal at home. 

Gourmet meal with wine and cheese

Here's what you will get

Cook together...at home.

Plan your interactive, virtual holiday event.

Lisa Dickie, owner of Dickie's Cooking School teaches in-person and online cooking classes for everyone ages 4 and up

Hey, I’m Lisa Dickie

Head Chef & Founder of Dickie’s Cooking School

There’s not much that makes me happier than cooking! There are endless recipes to try, techniques to master and cuisines to explore. 

Cooking and eating is about being social, being creative and celebrating. 

The only thing I enjoy more than cooking is teaching. I am not proprietary when it comes to my recipes. And I work with a team of like-minded chefs.

My approach to teaching is simple: my knowledge is your knowledge.

My approach is friendly, laid back and inclusive. The goal is to learn and have fun. 

More praise from a well-fed client

“Chef Lisa and her team have such a great energy and make you feel like you’re joining family for dinner! I booked a corporate event and everyone had a blast. Lisa really cared about giving us the ultimate experience and making sure we had a great time. You can tell there is a  lot of love that is put into this cooking school by Chef Lisa and her team. . ~CRISA