show what is in the program 10 yummy easy fast lunches for kids

Lunch Recipes Kids Can
Make On Their Own

Win the lunch box with two weeks of healthy, satisfying meals.

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Calling all parents who are tired of
making lunches that barely get eaten…

Slapping together sandwiches, arranging vegetables into fancy shapes, and packing lunch bags every single weekday is leaving you a little frustrated.

Especially when your child brings home their half-eaten lunch, complaining that they didn’t like what you made them.

You’re starting to wonder if your child should begin making their own lunches? Perhaps if they were invested in the preparation they’d actually eat their food and you’d feel better knowing they’re not hungry at school.

Everything would change if only your child knew how to…

picture of pot with assortment of vegetables and ladle
Create a balanced lunch so they had enough protein and fiber to keep them feeling full and energized all school day long.
icon of recipe card
Learn healthy recipes that they could rely on using simple ingredients that are easily found in the pantry.

Develop kitchen confidence as they learn making lunches is something they can actually do themselves.

picture this scene one morning in your kitchen…

There’s your kid…already getting out all the ingredients they need to make their favourite school lunch. As you sip your coffee, they’re chopping, mixing, and cooking with confidence. 

Everything smells delicious–you wish they made your lunch too!  

And while your kid packs up their lunch bag, you feel good knowing it will come home empty at the end of the day.

Now let’s turn this dream into a reality…


yummy easy fast lunches for kids

An online cooking course to get your kids making delicious, balanced lunches they’ll actually eat.

show what is in the program 10 yummy easy fast lunches for kids

Here’s what your child will learn…

  • 10 kid-tested lunch recipes through step-by-step instructional videos taught by a former classroom teacher and Founder of Dickie’s cooking school
  • Basic knife skills to build independence and confidence in the kitchen
  • Kitchen hygiene tips to keep everyone safe and excited to eat what your child prepares
  • How to substitute ingredients based on personal preference, diet, and allergies
  • Tips for prepping pacing a meal so they know exactly how long everything takes

Bonuses to make lunch-planning even easier

illustration of shopping list
Lunch Planner

Build organizational skills with a printable weekly lunch planner and grocery list so your child knows in advance what they’re making for lunch.

Snacks and Sides 

Five tasty snacks and sides recipes, like energy balls, that fill hungry bellies and satisfy sweet tooth cravings in a healthy way.
coloured illustration of a list
Supplies List

Once lunch is made, your kid will need to pack and carry it! Get our list of favourite containers, thermos and lunch bags.

simple lunches kids can make themselves

Yummy Easy Fast Lunches For Kids teaches kids to make two week’s worth of healthy meals they’ll actually eat.

Get it here for $39!

This step-by-step online lunch recipes course
for kids who are…

  • 8+ years old, and have some basic kitchen safety skills
  • Curious about experimenting with different recipes in the kitchen
  • Enjoying online cooking videos but need a slower pace of instruction
  • Needing more confidence around knife handling, food handling, and preparation
  • Often choosing not to eat lunches prepared by their grown-ups

Parents loving their little chef’s cooking confidence

“I was impressed with the high quality meals they made, and my child was very proud of all of the cooking and baking they got to do. I would definitely recommend Dickie’s Cooking School. We will be taking more classes in the future!”  ~D KL

“We have been doing Lisa’s Zoom cooking classes and my daughter has enjoyed them all. She is becoming more confident in the kitchen and the finished meal is always great!” ~SALLY

Hey, I’m Lisa Dickie

Head Chef & Founder of Dickie’s Cooking School (and former elementary school teacher.)

There’s not much that makes me happier than watching a child’s face as they take that first bite of a recipe they just put together–the look of satisfaction paired with a little more confidence is worth a messy kitchen every time.

And when kids get to share their new cooking skills with their family, I know parents are celebrating that extra independence too. Especially when it means making lunches can be a do-it-yourself situation

Over the last few years, I’ve helped dozens and dozens of kids learn to cook with confidence and this I know to be true: Kids love being in the kitchen when they’re taught to trust their own skills and given the step-by-step guidance to get there. 

That’s why I created Yummy Easy Fast Lunches so kids could get to love and trust their own cooking, while enjoying tasty lunches too. 

Enjoy our on-the-house guarantee

Yummy Easy Fast Lunches includes step-by-step video instructions and recipes for kids to make ten different lunches. Plus, you already know there’s a whole bunch of bonuses to make lunchtime even better. These are way better for kids to learn to cook than any YouTube video out there.

I’m confident that if your child tries a few of the recipes, they’ll not only enjoy the taste, they’ll develop more confidence in the kitchen. You’ll have 14-days to try out the cooking course, and if you don’t feel they’ve grown as a chef, I’ll happily refund back your investment.

Get it here for $39!

Slow your scroll through these FAQs

When will Yummy Easy Fast Lunches For Kids be available?

How does right away sound? As soon as you sign up for the online program, check your inbox where you’ll receive access. 

How are these cooking tutorials different from watching a Youtube video?

Great question! Not only are the lunch recipes taught step-by-step by a former teacher (that’s me!), they also include basic kitchen and food safety instructions.

What age is this cooking course best suited for?

Yummy Easy Fast Lunches is ideal for kids ages 8 and up.

How long does my child have access to the course? 

Enjoy the recipes forever and ever!

Are the recipes Nut-free?

Yes, the lunch recipes are all nut-free or have options to substitute different ingredients for the nuts.

Do the recipes work for vegetarians?

They sure do! There are substitution suggestions for almost everything.

More praise from a well-fed parent

“My 7 year old son made tomato soup and biscuits from scratch and was so incredibly proud of himself. Chef Lisa is very knowledgeable, kind and fun! The whole family cannot wait to taste what he will make next week!!” ~LINDSAY

Making lunches on their own has never been easier

Yummy Easy Fast Lunches For Kids teaches kids to make two week’s worth of healthy meals they’ll actually eat.

Kids ages 8+ will gain confidence in the kitchen as they learn:

  • 10 kid-tested step-by-step lunch recipes
  • Basic knife skills
  • Kitchen hygiene tips
  • How to substitute ingredients
  • Tips for prepping and pacing a meal
  • Meal and grocery planning
  • 5 tasty snacks and sides recipes

Get it here for $39!